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'I’m not aware of another orchestra that has done this … There’s a big difference between what we’re going to try and simply playing a medley of compositions by composers. These pieces speak to one another and give the audience an experience of a complete symphony, only as if four different composers sat down to write it.'

From a recent chat with The Courier’s Melody Parker for her rundown of Imaginary Symphony this Saturday at wcfsymphony. The program brings together four pieces by different composers into the form normally associated with a typical symphony.

The entire concept embodies our focus on creative presentations and unique forms of engagement: our audience in the hall will choose one of the works for us to perform in full during a unique ‘surprise’ concert next season at which all of the repertoire will be revealed as we play it.

The most creative stuff in the orchestra business right here at wcfsymphony, with more coming – our amazing 2014-15 season drops this weekend!